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Kubicek balloons manufactured this friendly character with the name Horon-chan for Japan. For the testflight near the kubicek factory the balloon had the registration OK-1265.

SN 1265

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Nokian flying tyre

A new shape for Finland. The past weekend this giant tyre was officialy presented and will be operated by Oy Linnan Pallo Ab who also operate the Costa Rica coffeepack. Also have a look at this youtube video.

CAMERON Tyre-100
SN 12017

Operated by Oy Linnan Pallo Ab

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Little Con

This is the second special shape for pilot Wil Lapointe. Little Con is a racer envelope based special shape made entirely of Kubicek Polyester Light fabric.

Kubicek BB22XR
SN 1255

Operated by Wil Lapointe

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In april Koen and Karen became the proud parents of their daughter with the name "Lente". Lente is the first baby to have her own hot air balloon which has the text 'My daddy is a pilot' on the back.

Cameron Z-120
SN 10339

Operated by AB Ballonvaarten

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This crocodile belongs to Chico Paulo's family. It's a dream of twelve years that has come true now. It was created to be presented around the world. It was idealised by Chico Paulo, projected by his son Nicholas Paulo, molded by Libra Balloons and put together by Guto Marques.


Operated by Chico Paulo

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Copter Boy

Like always some months before the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta the Brazilian manufacturers are creating new shapes.


Operated by Libra

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Here is Skyballs. A giant hot air balloon in the shape of a pair of testicals. The first plans for this project started 3 years ago. Now the balloon is ready and will be used to raise awareness of male testicular cancer. On 27 july the official media launch will take place in London. More information at

G-MALE (ex OK-1195)
SN 1195

Operated by Exclusive

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Some months ago Andrew Richardson from Adams Balloons designed a flying dragon. Keith Sproul loved the design and placed the order for the production. This morning was the first inflation of Scorch. More pictures can be found at

SN 209

Operated by Keith Sproul

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Der Dicke Anton

Christoph Laloi from Ballonteam Ostsee sended pictures from his new family member Anton. Anton will be the mascot of the Willer Mineralöl group in Germany. More information about anton can be found at

Kubicek BB 34Z
SN 1190

Operated by Ballonteam Ostsee

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We received pictures from the test flight of Kubicek's latest special shape. For this test-inflation the balloon had the experimental registration OK-1222.

Kubicek SS Sommerwurst
SN 1222

Operated by
Air and Air Ballooning

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A new balloon manufactured by Aeromagic. This main structure of this fish isn't a regular drop but it's more discoid. The panels are structured irregularly to look like scales. The balloon has not been flown yet and is for sale.

Aeromagic 27FISH
SN 2016/314

Owned by Luiz Fonseca,
Martin Eriksen,
Ricardo Almeida

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Holy Crown of Hungary

A new strange balloon is manufacured by Kubicek Balloons. On top is a holy crown. The lower part of the balloon is a modified reprint of the well known Hungarian painter Makoldi Sándor's ceiling, visualising the most important part of the Hungarian mythology, e.g the beautiful first dating of brothers Hunor-Magyar and King Dul's daughters. What is more, all this in the common sense of the Zodiac frame.

The Holy Crown Doctrine has had keynote relevance and influence in the Hungarian history. Their sovereignty and public life was defined by the principles of the „Rule of Law” and „Rechtsstaat” like in the history of Law and public life in Europe. For this reason the Holy Crown Doctrine still has influence in their present time, and has prompted wide discussions over the last two decades, fortunately with a highly positive effect.

Kubicek BB20GP
SN 1201

Operated by Mede Feri

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Whoo'z up

More pilots decide to choose for a normal shaped balloon with add-ons. This gives them a special balloon that is still easy to handle. Kubicek manufacured this owl for John and Sally Ware and will soon fly in the USA.

Kubicek BB26Z
SN 1199

Operated by John Ware

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Jack the pelican

This morning Jack the pelican was inflated for the first time by the people from AirFly Balloons. It took 3 weeks to manufacture Jack and he only weighs 160kg.

AirFly AF-SS-28
SN LP2016-01

Operated by AirFly

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Royal Australian Air Force's fighter

Yesterday the RAAF unveiled their latest promotional hot air balloon which is in the shape of a fighter pilot helmet, complete with visor, oxygen mask and oxygen hose. Again a very good looking balloon that was manufactured by Cameron Balloons.

Cameron helmet 120
SN 11933

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Kanco C

The first new special shape for 2016 is one from Cameron Balloons in Bristol (UK). This crazy shape is created around their racer-type balloon. Kanco C is the maskot of a brand for cleaning innovations in Japan where it will be used on their promotional tour.

Cameron TR-77
SN 11947