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Angel Jorge Alvarez from Argentina homebuilt this balloon called Aeromin which has a volume of 1500m³. For the moment the balloon has only been used for static display. First free flight is planned in March 2016.

Aeroglob Glob 12/15
SN 02

Operated by Angel Jorge

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These balloons where used this summer at the Alps Azumino National Government Park in Japan. Visitors could make a tethered flight in one of the two Arukuma hot air balloons. Arukuma is a popular character in Japan.

Kubicek BB51Z
SN 1123

Kubicek BB37Z
SN 1124

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Of the Monster Ball series balloons that where designed by Andy Richardson this is the first one that was build by Adams.

Andrew Richardson Quetzalco
SN 021

Operated by Andy Richardson
Balloon is for sale.

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Dream Catcher Balloon "Giving Wings to Special Needs"

This balloon with 2 butterfly add-ons has been manufactured for a special mission. It will be used to uplift and support individuals with many special needs: physical, mental, and spiritual. It is also a wonderful avenue to educate the public and bring about changes in public awareness and community involvement.

A specially designed landing gear was made for people who are in wheelchairs. More information at their website

Richardson grasshopper 42
SN 015

Operated by Crystal Stout

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The latest creation from Marcos Bonimcontro which is for sale.


Operated by RVB Balloons

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At the Bristol Balloon Fiesta this giant pirate ship made his first appearance. The ship stands 39m long, 31m high and has a volume of 500,000 cubic feet!

Kubicek BB-S/SHIP
SN 1028

Operated by Exclusive

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Puddles the Penguin Is Dating!

Here's Splash, the new friend of Puddles who was created last year after a drawing contest. Both balloons will isit several festivals and fly together.

Ultra Magic B-70
SN 70/09

Operated by Exclusive

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Yo utake a racer and put some add-ons to it and you'll get a great special shape. This one was manufactured by Aeromagic in Brazil.


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Alien Rocket

Alain Bard homebuilt this balloon with the technical help from Marcos (RVB Balloons). It is manufactured with lightweight fabric and weighs less than 100kg.

Alain Bard Alien Rockett
SN Alien Rocket-01

Operated by Alain Bard

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Triple bird

As always Marcos from RVB Balloons did a great job again with these 2 birds.


Operated by

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Walkin' on Air

3 pairs of flip flops are attached on this normal shaped balloon.

Lindstrand 90A
SN 5581

Operated by Diane
Hectus Karlsson

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A new balloon for the Belgian Cameron dealer Koen Audenaert. As some of his other balloons again a normal shaped balloon with some add-ons to transform it into a nice special.

Cameron Z-40
SN 11881

Operated by AB Ballonvaarten

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World Air Games Dubai 2015

For the World Air Games in Dubai later this year this Cameron racer with add-ons was manufactured.

Cameron TR-70
SN 11908

Operated by Skydive Dubai

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Little Dog

Marcos from RVB manifactured this gient dog for pilot Valdemir Taveira.


Operated by Valdemir Taveira

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Geniune black Sheep

Lots of new shapes will appear in the next months. This friendly sheep is manufactured by RVB Balloons.


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Neptuno, the sea horse

Air Fly Balloons manufactured this flying sea horse

Air Fly

Operated by Air Flyl

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flying bottle

This spring Stefu Wälchli will start a promotion tour with his new balloon to promote Handy. Handy is the Nr. 1 product of dishwashing in Switzerland since more than 55 years.

Ultra Magic F9

Operated by Stefu Wälchli

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Smokey 2

The first mokey balloon from 2006 is niw retired so here's the new one.

SN 1056

Operated by Ballonteam Jena

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Willy - the little cop

This little cop will soon travel from the Kubicek factory in Brno to the USA. This nice designe was build around a 3000m³ envelope.

Kubicek BB30XR 3D
SN 1113

Operated by Willy LaPointe

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This Mexican fighter is manufactured by ABQ Hot Air in less than 2 weeks. It will be the 3th special shape for the company Volare. And there will follow more ...

Andrew Richardson Fighter 10
SN 011

Operated by Volare

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This bird is the head character of the TV-special and pre-school series "DIMITRI". This serie is a co-production between Vivement Lundi! (France), Beast Animation (Belgium) and Nadasdy Film (Switzerland). Dimitri is lost in the african savanna and during his adventures he meets different kinds of animals. The balloon make his first public appearance at the Festival International de Ballons in Château-d'Oex which is held from 24th January till 1 February.

Kubicek BB.30
SN 74

Operated by
Yves Lannoy Ballooning

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AFC soccerball

The AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015 kicked off on 9 January in Melbourne. Continental Tires will use this new balloon to make flights in the 5 major cities in Australia to promote their campaign under the theme "Thrill of Technique".

Ultra Magic F25
SN F25/03

Operated by
Global Ballooning